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Breakfast Menu

Breakfast - minimum of 5 people

Wake up and smell the coffee...

Traditional Sausage Sandwich – 2,7,14

3 Cumberland sausages in an artisan ciabatta £5.50 

Veggi Breakfast Burrito – 2,7,9,12,13

Halloumi, veggie black pudding, avocado, scrambled egg, hash brown, hollandaise £7.50

Smoked Bacon Buttie – 2,7

3 grilled back bacon rashers on an artisan ciabatta £5.50

Breakfast Burrito – 2,4,7,14

2 Cumberland sausages, 2 back bacon, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, hash brown & hollandaise - £7.50.


All served with brown or tomato sauce. Add tea or coffee in a large take away cup with sugar and milk - £2.50.


Please note: Plates, napkins, cutlery etc are chargeable at 40p per person

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